1. Please how much does this cost?

    • Hi Ma’am.

      Its Menna 12′ and cost 25k. We advise 300 grams foe a full head. To color is an extra 5k.


  2. hi, how can i get this hair and same colour, how much will it cost me.different lengths for 300grams, maybe a mixture of 8′, 12′ and 16′ or how best do you think i can combine it .

    • Hi Ma’am.

      Thank you for contacting me.

      Menna 8,10,12,14,16 cost 22k, 24500, 25k,27k,29k per 100 gram respectively. We advise 300 grams for a full head. You can do 8,10,10 or 10, 12, 12 or 12, 14, 14 or 12, 14, 16. To color is an extra 5k.


  3. Hi, please how much is 300 grams of 8 inches in this colour? thanks.

    • Hello Ma’am.

      Menna 8′ 300g cost 57,000. To color is 5,000.

      Thank you

  4. good day,
    please are u guys on dale and how much does ur aduke and meena hair cost

    • Hello Ma’am.

      We apologies foe the delay in response. Christmas sale is over. What length in Aduke and Menna will you like to get ma’am.


  5. Please I would like to know what lengths are combined in the picture here.

    Also, would there be any christmas sales? some of us are looking forward to something like that.

    • Good Ma’am.

      It’s Menna 12’400 grams colored in burgundy. We apologies for the delay in response.


  6. please i want Menna 12,14 14 how much will it cost and please how soon can i get it delivered to me in Lekki if i pay in today. “please its the combination of 12 12 14 good or will you recommend something else???

    • Good day Ma’am.

      Menna 12,14,14 cost 25k, 27k, 27k per 100 gram respectively. If payment is made before 2pm today, you’ll get your hair tomorrow. We advise you get Menna 12, 14, 14, it looks nicer.

      Best Regards.

  7. How much does this cost in 10,12,12 with an 8 or 10 closure. Also, how much to make it into a wig. I want the same color as above. How much extra will that be.

  8. Good day. Please I would like to have your price list.

    • Good day.

      Our price list has been sent to your email.


  9. please kindly give the price list for “emiade” for 12,14,14″”. I would also like to if emiade is also curly like meena?? thanks.

    • Good day Ma’am,

      Emiade 12′,14′,14 cost 34,000, 37,000, 37000 per 100 gram respectively. Yes, Emiade is curly, and more curly than Menna.

      Thank you.

  10. Please I would like to know if you would have the Mane weavon by November/December peroid the price for 10, 12 &18.

    • Hello Ma’am.

      Which of our Manes? We have Aduke, Erinma, Uwana, and Emiade.


  11. Pls I like to know the price for aduke for 10″,12″12″. Let me just say I want a short curly hair

    • Hello Ma’am.

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Aduke is a wavy hair. 10′,12′,12′ cost 23000,26000,26000, per 100 gram respectively. Our curly hair is Emiade, 8’is 30000,10′ is 32000, 12′ is 34000, per 100g.

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