1. Pls how can I purchase this hair?

    • God day Ma’am

      You can make your order here.


  2. please how much is this one?

    • Hello Ma’am.

      This is Aduke 14-16′ and cost 81k for 300g.


  3. Please ill like to place an order for 12-14″. How much does that cost

    • Hi Ma’am.

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Aduke 12′,14′ cost 23k, 25k per 100g respectively. We advise 300g for a full head. Total will be 73k.


  4. plz how much is d 8′ n 10′ inches respectively.

    • Hello Ma’am.

      Aduke 8′, 10′, cost 17k, 19500 per 100 gram respectively. We advise 300 grams for a full head.

      Thank you.

  5. Please I want aduke In 14 16 n 12 how much wil it cost n pls 14 14 16.so I can decide on d one to buy tanx

    • Hello Ma’am.

      Aduke 12′,14′,16′ cost 23k, 25k, 28k per 100 gram respectively. Aduke 14′,14′, 16 cost 25k,25k, 28k per 100 gram respectively.

      Thank you

  6. Hi,

    Please I’d like to get Aduke in 18″, 16″, & 12″. How much will this cost and what’s your current cost for colouring/ highlighting.

    Also, how much is Uwana in 12, 14 & 18″ Pls?


    • Hello Ma’am.

      Aduke 12′,16′,18′ cost 23k,28k, 32k per 100 gram respectively. To color is 5k. Uwana 12′, 14′, 18′ cost 19k, 21k, 27k per 100 gram respectively.


  7. Hi,
    I’ll like to get Aduke in 8″,10″,&12″. Lemme know how much this will cost and how I can pay to get it. I live in Port Harcourt. Can you deliver to me.

    • Hello Ma’am,

      Aduke 8′, 10′, 12′ cost 20k, 23k, 26k per 100 gram respectively. Delivery cost 3200. If payment is confirmed today, you can get your hair tomorrow.


  8. Would love a 12 14 and 16 of ADuke. My hair color is 2. Do u have colour 2 that has highlights that blend with color 2? What is the cost?
    I live in Maryland lagos.
    Kindly reply

  9. Please how much would it cost me to get 12 14 14 , human hair colour.thanks

    • Hi ma’am, thanks for contacting us.

      Aduke in 12 and 14” costs N28,000 and N32,000 respectively per 100g bundle.


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