Oh yes sir! I’m talking to you, you and you.  Are u surprised? Oh no, you shouldn’t be. Mide’s mane is not only for female clients, but male ones too. Let me explain. As a man, it’s either you have got a wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, friend, and the list goes on… Nothing beats a female receiving an unexpected gift from the opposite sex. A little care here and there goes a long way.Now this is where we come in. MIDE’S MANE is one of the very best gifts you can give to any classy lady that appreciates great, quality hair.  So why don’t u come to our store (Suite 334, Ikeja shopping plaza. 81, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, ikeja, Lagos), order via our BBM (22f932c6, 25bc946), customer service lines (+234704 444 4630-2) or right here on face book.We also deliver to your door step, giving you a stress-free service experience.

Now the next question on your mind is how to know what to buy. We’ve presently got four types of hair textures at MIDES MANE (Uwana, Aduke, Meena and Ruona). I’ll explain each one in detail.

UWANA: This hair is also fabulous! It’s collected from young ladies from Europe, washed, conditioned and wefted. It is slightly thicker in density and very strong, versatile hair. It comes in straight and natural colors- Black, brown, dark brown. This hair is usually lighter in color at the tips. This hair comes in machine wefts. Starts from 6’’-32″

ADUKE The texture is quite rich, thick, bouncy and beautiful. It comes naturally wavy and is till date our fastest selling texture. Available from 8-26”in machine weft.

MEENA – The coarse, curly texture is amazing! It’s thick, soft and full with a great bounce. It’s available in natural brown colors and lengths 8-18”

RUONA: This is a curly and equally rich in texture. It’s available in natural colors and lengths from 10-18”.

You can also call us for advice on what to order, for that special lady, and we are always ready to help out.

Never wait for an occasion to give your special one a gift, spontaneous gifts get the best reaction out of people. But if you’re the type that REALLY needs an excuse to buy a gift, well the Christmas season is upon us!

It takes less than 5 minutes to place your order…..  So what are you waiting for?


  1. Is AIze in stock? If yes please I want to know what it’s like if it’s anything like meena.
    Thank you

    • Good day Ma’am.

      We only have Aize in 20′, and 24′. It is a wavy hair, and not like Menna. Emiade is what has been replaced with Menna, and the texture is also coarse like Menna and curly.