So your wedding is coming up pretty soon and you are preparing and planning ahead for the big day. Finally, you get to say ‘I do’ to your best friend and you need everything to be perfect for that moment; from your dress, to your accessories, make-up and yes your HAIR. Not with the society weddings happening every weekend, you also want to wow everybody which is why we are very particular about your hair. You need something that will blend with your hair and give you that perfect look. You need something with volume, bounce and movement that would literally ‘gyrate’ with you as you take your first dance with your husband. You need something your stylist can work well with because you have so much to do and worrying about your hair being in place is the last thing you want to be bothered about.Ah yes! I forgot to mention, you need that hair that will still give you the pretty eyed messy bun look the Morning After, after all when the dress and make up is gone the only thing left with you is your HAIR!

From our collection of hair, ADUKE is one hair that is rich is texture, bouncy, beautiful and quite affordable.It’s a delight any day. Its silky texture make is easy to maintain and your stylist can’t be any happier with your hair choice. With bendy rollers, a tong and serum, you can achieve that bouncy, lustrous look you desire for that beautiful day.

We understand all you want and we have gone a mile ahead bringing you tips for your Bridal hair.

If you are wearing ADUKE for your wedding, here are some tips you might want to try.

VOLUME: The fuller your hair, the more beautiful it comes out. However having too much might be too stressful to style and maintain and having too little won’t give that bouncy look you want to achieve. That’s why we usually recommend our clients use 300g-400g for a full head. That way, your stylist has plenty of hair to play with and style for you.

ENJOY IT LAYERED: Another beautiful way to work ADUKE is to have it layered. The layered effect turns out really beautiful and makes the curls more visible. That way, you can be sure that your hair is as beautiful at the back the same way it is in front. So whatever angle the camera goes, your hair isn’t missing in action and you are giving your guests the wow effect even from the back.

PLAY WITH COLORS: For your big day, you might want to play with colors. That’s very okay as long as you are not going over the top with your color. You don’t want to look like its Halloween at your wedding. If you can work the full coverage well, then go for it but if you have never tried it before,we advise you don’t experiment with your bridal hair. You could go for subtle highlights, this way the hair in itself won’t look boring or extremely wild. From coral brown, to honey brown and even burgundy highlights. You can be sure of a beautiful effect depending on your color preference.

Even while at your honeymoon, you can always trust ADUKE to always look good on you even at minimal care to give you that time you need with your groom.

The use of our ADUKE hair is not limited to the tips given. They are suggestions for use as bridal hair. It is readily available in lengths of 10’-18’ and can be worn on occasion from formal to informal events.

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